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In adaptation some scenarios are dramatically more satisfying than others, such as the sinister nature of Simon Boughey's Businessman as he abuses Stanley Eldridge's Teenager.


The Stage - Paul Vale


The boy in both is freshly played by Stanley Eldridge who completes the circle with an episode with a Hollywood producer, another good performance from Simon Boughey.


British Theatre Guide - Howard Loxton

Flare Path

Simon Boughey as the Hollywood actor handles the locals' hero worship with perfect aplomb.


The Stage - Paul Vale


Simon Boughey shines as the sleazily handsome Businessman, who organises his infidelity with cold intelligence, as he sets about cheating on his long term partner by ringing to claim to have missed his train home from work, when he is actually "delayed" by illicit quickies in a hotel room. He later reappears as a smarmily attractive All-American Producer seducing the Actor; and one look at his carefully-buffed chest and shoulders, and the audience sees why every character he encounters fancies him.


Remotegoat - Nina Romain

The Voysey Inheritance

Simon Boughey captures the barking (always literally and sometimes metaphorically), straight talking military wing of the family with enough conviction for us to both laugh at and despair of him.


OneStopArts - David Balcombe


And now to the actors: Simon Boughey in the title role is an absolute delight. His physical presence and regal bearing are just right for the character and Boughey portrays the internal conflict of Macbeth with ease and finesse.


Sardines - Michael Skellern

Charles Wesley 1707

This man, beautifully and creatively played by Simon Boughey...was often grasping out for a hand to hold, as his life's work and commitment faced many challenges and disruptions.


West Somerset Press - Hillary May


Boughey as Jerry also turns in a strong performance. Jerry is pompous and self-serving and absorbed. Boughey hits the mark all round.


Portsmouth Post - Jean MCartin

Oh What a Lovely War

The remarkable thing is how much of the original tone is captured by the dedicated ensemble playing of the Pulse. As staged by Alexa Kelly, the accent (not merely true-Brit but cockney) is beautifully sustained.


New York Post - Clive Barnes

La Ronde

The young cast in this Westside Rep production provides many fine performances and several that are superior...Simon Boughey as the poet-playwright is the other performer who presents a fully developed character, where the life of his urgent portrayal seems to come from inner wellsprings.


The Westsider

Flare Path

What woman in her right mind wouldn't leave her husband, war hero or not, for the fabulously sexy Simon Boughey? As film star Peter Kyle, he provides the male glamour to the story, admired and slightly idolised by all. He invests the part with profound insight....With a thorough understanding of the character's reversals, Simon Boughey delivers a Peter Kyle that's much more, and a man of reflective subtlety.


Fringe Report - John Park

Much Ado About Nothing

Completing a first-rate cast are Lisa Castle as the bike-riding Margaret and Simon Boughey who takes two roles but is particularly entertaining as Dogberry the Constable.


Herts Advertiser - Madeleine Burton

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